Cannabiss is preferable to other medications

Prof. Reuven Or


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the virtuous work that you are doing. I have suffered from metastatic parotid cancer for the past 3 years and during this time experienced insufferable pain due to surgery and radiation treatment, as well as nausea and a lack of appetite due to chemotherapy, which caused significant and perilous weight loss and mood swings from the incessant contending with the illness.

Since I have been taking the oil that you manufacture, there has been a significant and unprecedented improvement in my life. Pain has been significantly reduced, no nausea, my appetite has returned, and I have attained a healthy weight.
But most importantly, my demeanor has improved astonishingly and I have a joie de vivre and renewed energy to live my life and get back to the orbit of endeavor and creativity.

Over the years, the doctors prescribed many medications to reduce nausea and to relieve pain, which did not really help me and even had unwanted side effects. Your medication is straight from nature and this is quite apparent. I also sense the love and caring that you incorporate in your products.

Thank you for the opportunity of finding fragments of hope in the arduous reality of a terminal illness.

About two weeks ago I visited you with my son who is a heavy cannabis smoker (sanctioned by the Ministry of Health, of course). He uses cannabis to alleviate chronic pain that he has suffered from for over two years.

Initially, smoking cannabis had an effect for several hours. However, over time, the situation deteriorated to the point that one cannabis cigarette gave him relief for 15 minutes at best. This is a truly insufferable situation, taking his condition into account.

Two weeks ago, my son began using your products and I, as a parent, can inform you that the change is amazing. A few drops of oil under the tongue in the morning, together with a quarter brownie, gives him several hours of comfort.
The results are surprisingly good. His pain has been significantly reduced and he can now undergo a steady, albeit slow, process of Methadone detoxification. His demeanor is much improved and he has even been able to leave the house and take short walks in the surrounding vicinity. Of course, I cannot ignore the damage done to his lungs due to the heavy cannabis smoking in the past.

I am hopeful that using your products will really help Idan return to a normal life, to his studies that were put on hold due to the pain he suffered, and to the social circle that he has been absent from for two years.

Our job is to make it easier for patients

Prof. Johnny Grieenfeld

It has been a few weeks since I started taking medicinal cannabis brownies. I have been given a new shot at life and I find it prudent to share my feelings with you.
About 15 months ago I suffered acute pain and weakness in the lower limbs and was severely restricted in walking. Due to the pain and despite the medications prescribed to me –

I spent nights on end without sleep and suffered from exhaustion and a lack of attentiveness during the day.
I was diagnosed with severe neuropathy in the lower limbs and I was recommended to try cannabis treatment. And indeed, what a miracle, I sleep at night almost without pain, my quality of life is much different and for this you should be complimented. My recommendation to pain sufferers – there is a cure and relief from pain – medicinal cannabis.”