Frequently asked questions

Does medicinal cannabis have any side effects?

Side effects from medicinal cannabis may appear upon commencing the treatment but, in the majority of cases, such side effects are slight and are transient. It is also possible that there will not be any side effects at all. Some of the side effects that may occur are a drop in blood pressure and in the level of sugar in the blood, drowsiness, increased appetite, and a good mood.

Is medicinal cannabis addictive?

Medicinal cannabis is not addictive and the treatment can be stopped at any time.

Does medicinal cannabis cure diseases ?

Medical cannabis shouldn’t be seen as a cure for any disease. Instead, it is a medicine used
to relieve the symptoms caused by a variety of different diseases and conditions. Sometimes
conventional medications simply are not enough, and in those instances cannabis may have a
role to play.

Is medicinal cannabis legal ?

The exact legal status of medical cannabis differs from country to country. In most developed countries use of medical cannabis is fully legal if you receive a license to use it for your condition and if it is supplied by a licensed vendor of medical cannabis.